The State Employees' Health Insurance Plan (SEIB) was established under provisions of Act 65-833 of the 1965 Alabama Legislature. The Act created the State Employees' Insurance Board (SEIB). The SEIB established a uniform plan of health insurance for employees.

In November of 2004, the Alabama Legislature enacted a new law (Act No.: 2004-647) that gave the SEIB the authority to offer supplemental policies to active and retired state employees.

This summary of health care benefits available to you through the State Employees' Insurance Board Optional Insurance Plan is designed to help you understand your coverage. All terms, conditions and limitations are not covered here. All benefits are subject to the terms, conditions and limitations of the contract or contracts between the SEIB and Southland Benefit Solutions (Southland) or other third party administrators that the SEIB may contract with that it deems is necessary to carry out its statutory obligations. Copies of all contracts are kept on file at the SEIB office and are available for review. The SEIB shall have absolute discretion and authority to interpret the terms and conditions of the plan and reserves the right to change the terms and conditions and/or end the plan at any time and for any reason.

Participation in this plan is completely voluntary, based on elections you make for yourself and your dependents.

The SEIB Optional Insurance Plan offers a package of four plans of insurance (Dental - Cancer - Hospital Indemnity - Vision) or a stand alone vision plan that are administered by Southland Benefit Solutions (Southland) at no cost to the employee.

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SEIB Claim Forms

Vision Claim Forms Cancer/Hospital Indemnity Form
Dental Claim Form Request ID card
Request Plan Booklet SEIB Optional Plan Booklet
SEIB Usage and Disclosure Authorization Form SEIB Dental Only Plan Booklet
SEIB Cancer Only Plan Booklet SEIB Vision Only Plan Booklet


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