The LGHIP Voluntary Insurance Plan offers two different plans of insurance (Dental - Vision) that are administered by Southland Benefit Solutions.

An eligible employee or retiree may enroll at any time during the year by submitting an enrollment form to your payroll clerk. Once the form has been approved by the LGHIB, coverage in the LGHIP Voluntary Insurance coverage(s) you select will begin no later than the first day of the second month after enrollment. Participants must remain in the LGHIP Voluntary Insurance Coverage(s) for at least twelve months. If enrollment is effective on any day other than January 1, coverage will remain in effect through the end of the next full Plan Year.

Eligible participants may enroll for either individual or family coverage. Members enrolled for family coverage cannot change to individual coverage outside the open enrollment period unless all dependent(s) become ineligible due to age, death or divorce

Participation in this plan is completely voluntary, based on elections you make for yourself and your dependents.

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